Here's what we believe:

We believe all applicants deserve access to higher education and high stake jobs regardless of their social, cultural, racial or socioeconomic status. Sadly, traditional applicant screening tools such as situational judgement tests, in-person interviews or mini interviews, standardized tests and personal statements have been shown to be a profound source of implicit bias against minority groups and individuals from lower income families. Even worse is the fact that neither of these methods have been validated to correlate with future on-the-job behavior, not to mention the significant burden of time and money required by both applicants and organizations to use such methods. This is why we are changing the future of applicant screening. 

Our goal is to create insanely useful (and scientifically sound) solutions that work and provide more than just some trivial information or haphazard protocols like the other companies out there! We want to make sure that organizations are able to select the best applicants while promoting diversity at a fraction of time and cost.