BeMo and SortSmart Partner to Offer Bi-Yearly $1,000 Scholarships to Pre-medical and Medical Students

The scholarship will be offered twice every year with application deadlines on May 31st, and October 31st.

At BeMo and SortSmart, we believe education is your most valuable asset and that everyone deserves access to higher education regardless of social, cultural, economic or racial background. We also understand that the costs of tuition and application process to medical school place a significant burden on some applicants and their families. To help students and their parents in this noble journey, we’re excited to offer a $1,000 scholarship to those in need. The scholarship will be offered twice every year with application deadlines on May 31st, and October 31st.

Eligibility requirements:

All full-time pre-medical (any undergraduate discipline) or medical students in good academic standing are eligible.

Applicants must complete the application procedure outlined below and agree to the eligibility requirements and selection criteria to be eligible.

Application procedure:

All applicants must complete and submit the following:

1. A 6-minute BeMo survey about their academic experience.

2. A short online 15-question SortSmart test designed to assess a suite of key characteristics that we believe are essential to becoming a future physician and an advocate for diversity.

How to apply:

Step #1: First, click here to complete the survey by BeMo.

Step #2: Once you have completed the survey in step #1, send an email to scholars[email protected] using the access code provided at the end of the survey as your subject line to receive login information and instructions on how to complete the SortSmart test. Please note you must send the email using your university issued email address (e.g. [email protected]).

Selection criteria:

The SortSmart test submissions are scored based on characteristics we believe are important for the profession.

Note that the information we collect in your survey is not part of the selection process, however, we may use the anonymized survey and SortSmart results in our research to help create a fairer and more scientific medical school admissions screening process. We place enormous value on confidentiality and privacy and your information will be protected and not shared with any third parties.

The winning applicant will be required to submit a short video outlining their desire to pursue a career in medicine that will be used on our websites when announcing the winner. Please note that only the scholarship winner will be asked to submit this video and this is not part of the application process.


The scholarship is offered twice each year in spring and fall.

The deadline for the spring scholarship is May 31st and for the fall scholarship is Oct. 31st.

Winners are contacted directly and announced on our website on June 15th and Nov. 15th of each year.  


All questions can be sent directly to the scholarship coordinator, Lindsay McCaw, at [email protected]

Past Scholarship Winners:

  • May 2019: Mahoor Javad from University of Windsor - Congratulations Mahoor!

  • Nov. 2018: Ariel Yang from Stony Brook School of Medicine - Congratulations Ariel!

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At SortSmart we believe every university deserves a team of highly motivated, top performing students and selecting best-suited applicants shouldn't be time consuming and complicated. This is why we are changing the future of admissions screening with our proprietary solutions.

We also believe that every applicant deserves access to higher education regardless of his or her social, cultural, economic or racial backgrounds. 

We have created the next generation of fair and holistic admissions screening designed to select top performing applicants while promoting diversity and cutting costs. Our admissions screening tool is backed by over 40 years of research and is the only online applicant screening tool proven to select applicants based on predictors of future on-the-job performance. 

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